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Butterfly Graph Crochet November 9, 2007

Filed under: graph — riabeef @ 7:30 pm

This was one of my first projects. i think it took me a year to finish this one, coz its so monotonous for me. i just have to stop after few row,  i got bored quickly with it. and was also put in the UFO bag for quite sometime. so when i found it out again, i decided to finish it and  stopped all ongoing projects and just focus on this one.

it measures 25 x 25 inches, i havent starch it yet coz i dont have the big starching board, so just pin it on the bed to see how does it look like when its stretch out.

i made it using a size 10 rayon thread and 1.3 steel hook.



2 Responses to “Butterfly Graph Crochet”

  1. S.A.C. Says:

    This is awesome work! Been tryin’ to find Pinay Crochet Bloggers and I am ecstatic to stumble upon your blog. Haven’t tried graph crochet…I just dunn seem to have the patience for it – kudos to you and your work!

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