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Playing February 14, 2007

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these past few days im into crocheting barbie clothes. its the CAL in the crochetville that urged me to dug the my ‘old’ barbie and clothed her literally. then i found out that the new barbies has a better body figure … a realistic body figure i must say (thanx to a ville member also -shell). because if the old  barbies will be a real human being with that body measurement, she will not be able to stand on her own. thats a fact actually.

anyway back to crocehting clothes, not so long ago, when i was younger, i made barbie clothes with scrap fabrics from my mom’s stuff. i even kept a notebook of my ‘sketches’. and now that i have a 3 yr old daughter…im back to playing again. its fun!

i dont want to start a big project that i cant finish quick, so i start with a small one and move to a bigger one after i finished it. i always like to crochet wearables, but im chicken. im scared to big projects….somebody from the ville had advised that if one is afraid to do wearable pattern try it out to smaller a model. tadah! barbie!

one day, when i have the will power ill try it out — the real wearables but for the meantime crocheting doll clothes gives me 50% fulfillment of that dream.

the blue green jacket pattern is from mrs. who’s shrug schematics at crochetville. the red dress isnt finished yet, i still want to do something more to it and that gold thread is  supposed to be a shawl but i become contented with a stole.   

(the pics are clickable)

Shrug-backshrug-backred2red1pink dress

i still have some barbie clothes wips…


Great Finds! February 3, 2007

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a new craft store— FOUND!

its actually a tailoring shop selling all sorts of ribbons, beads, sewing threads, fabrics and alas! crochet threads and yarns. although i saw a few regular acrylic yarns only.

they only have the 10 grams,  size 8 threads in colored and variegateds.uhmm yummy! they have the red heart brand with colors only of black and white. i cant believe that im standing in front front of this seems to be a big book shelf with all these threads in it in small boxes.

i cant decide on what color to choose…

there i am…choosing.. thinking… thinking… choosing.. thinking again

and finally i told myself “just buy something now and you can come back again” LOLZ!

so i went home with these:

10 grams thread

found that metallic thread there also, its 25 grams only. it says 64% rayon and 34% metallic yarn. i wanted to try it with the black thread.

whats the weird part?

when i reached home and while admiring my newly owned threads … i remember that i need a RED thread.  and i didnt buy any RED thread!!!!

so i need to come back this week! its a MUST! lolz.


Not Once But Twice!

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i received my very first crochetville gifts called as RAOK last Feb. 1.  what a great way to start my February!

its Random Acts of Kindness.

im quite new at the ville and was soooo surprised to received gifts from somebody there…

and yeah! i have 2 gifts came at the same time! the fairy godmother visited me TWICE!

 im really…really…OVERWHELMED!

honestly, i had never seen such big skeins of yarns and Hooks!

to this very generous lady from from tennessee and an unknown fairy, thank you from the bottom of my heart!