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Puffies Received January 17, 2007

Filed under: at my house group,exchange — riabeef @ 8:12 pm

I am a member of a yahoo group called atmyhouse. this is the first crochet group that i joined in and from there i joined my first swap too. im on my 3rd month now.  and so far, i have been into 4 exchanges. all are wonderful.

Today i received 2 puffies from my exchange partners.

first from my scrunchy partner, Diane from Pennsylvania, she sent me 2 lovely scruchies. i love the yarns she used for both eventhough i dont know what are they, sorry, im all ignorant with yarns i wanted to thank her and also for the extra she put a mini scrapbook!Scrunchy Exchange

second, from Jorey, a towel topper. after a loooong wait, it finally came. i want to thank her for her effort in making this although i sent her a very poor towel topper since i havent done any like that before and plus i dont know how to read pattern so i only tried to come up with something with thread.

Towel Topper Exchange