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Drawstring Pouches January 23, 2007

Filed under: thread pouch/bag — riabeef @ 6:20 pm

Previous projects…

Made last December 2006

  Fuscia pouchShell Stitch pouch

 Fuchsia Pouch measures 6″ by 5″.

Done in Omega 100% cotton mercerised by Coats with size 2.00mm hook.

i added transparent fuchsia spangles. no pattern.

Purple Shell Stitch Pouch measures 3″ diameter and 4″ in height

its done using size 10 anchor threads and size 7 hook. actually i got the the idea from here. that definetly look stylish but with a thicker thread. im still trying to come up with something to use to make the strap. so in the meantime i just put together white and purple thread. 

im having difficulties crocheting in rounds because i cant maintain the same size, it will always gets bigger… can’t understand why?