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Cross Stitch Floss January 30, 2007

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in my every visit to the local shop where i find some threads, i will always wonder why not used cross stitch flosses, which will come in a vast variety of colors….so one day finally i bought some to try it out.

cross stitch floss

the color is fuschia pink but its metallic. first i thought of using one strand or few strands only to combine with another thread but since its soo long and it will be very difficult to separate each so i decided to use them as they are.

here is what i came up with, both with red heart navy blue thread size 8:

one is a scrunchy, i used it on the last row.  while trying to make the pic lighter the color of the metallic thread changed into red!  (sent to my exchange partner)

the other one in the mobile fone case, i held both together (with my mobile fone inside, coz its mine) lolz.

Scrunchy -threadCellfone case


Blogging Accident! January 23, 2007

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while trying to organize my 4 posts in this blog… i accidentally deleted my first post.

that says how serious i am now to crocheting and therefore i needed a blog to talk about it.

arrrghh! anyway on to the next post.



Drawstring Pouches

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Previous projects…

Made last December 2006

  Fuscia pouchShell Stitch pouch

 Fuchsia Pouch measures 6″ by 5″.

Done in Omega 100% cotton mercerised by Coats with size 2.00mm hook.

i added transparent fuchsia spangles. no pattern.

Purple Shell Stitch Pouch measures 3″ diameter and 4″ in height

its done using size 10 anchor threads and size 7 hook. actually i got the the idea from here. that definetly look stylish but with a thicker thread. im still trying to come up with something to use to make the strap. so in the meantime i just put together white and purple thread. 

im having difficulties crocheting in rounds because i cant maintain the same size, it will always gets bigger… can’t understand why?


Puffies Received January 17, 2007

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I am a member of a yahoo group called atmyhouse. this is the first crochet group that i joined in and from there i joined my first swap too. im on my 3rd month now.  and so far, i have been into 4 exchanges. all are wonderful.

Today i received 2 puffies from my exchange partners.

first from my scrunchy partner, Diane from Pennsylvania, she sent me 2 lovely scruchies. i love the yarns she used for both eventhough i dont know what are they, sorry, im all ignorant with yarns i wanted to thank her and also for the extra she put a mini scrapbook!Scrunchy Exchange

second, from Jorey, a towel topper. after a loooong wait, it finally came. i want to thank her for her effort in making this although i sent her a very poor towel topper since i havent done any like that before and plus i dont know how to read pattern so i only tried to come up with something with thread.

Towel Topper Exchange