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Officially Registered at Ravelry October 9, 2007

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Actually i got the invitation yesterday and then i register today.

so today is my first day.

 looks like i will not have time to crochet since i got a lot to browse there. lolz. im still busy with a lot of things so cant organize my stuff there yet. i think ill need 2 weeks more and the fact that the camera went on vacation err i mean went vacation with my sis. so i really have to wait…

with ramadan, i find a lot of time to crochet since i work for 6 hrs only. i have done few scarves lately and another try for a shrug with yarn this time. i missed making doily so last night i tried to make one in  pineapple pattern. i thought i was going allright and fast but then after 8 rows it doesnt look right for me, i felt like im nto doing it correctly. i have to frog and frog, count and count (im using chart pattern) at first i have counted less and then now that i think ive got the right counts looks like its too much, it will lay flat but a part will be ruffled because its too much i guess. *sigh*

 will still try to figure it out today otherwise move on to another doily. before ramadan ends.

i think somebody had done that doily before, saw it on someone’s blog. ill try to recall and browse around maybe that could be of help for me.