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Doha March 22, 2007

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im originally from philippines, when my father got a job offer here in Doha, Qatar, my family moved here but we still visit our relatives in the philippines yearly. 

learn more about about DOHA (city), Qatar HERE

last few days ago i took few pics of the corniche, i past here everyday to go to work. this is the road that leads to the city center/business center.


cor-rightthis is what you can see beside the main road. cor-leftand this will be on the other side of the road, that big building is where  my office is located.



WOW! Threads and Yarns! March 15, 2007

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(This post is one month late!)

i went back to another carft store where i usually go to (a.k.a. a bigger tailoring/accessories shop, 2 story bldg. ). the sales man told me that in one week the new yarns and threads will arrive. and so it came! but im only able to come back after 2 weeks.

new-cotton-threadsi had never seen as many yarns/threads personally in my life before except from photos of course. but its just 3 short shelves.  and i guess some people will have the same stash. but for me they are a lot! the new threads came are 100% cotton, in 50 grams. its thicker than size 10 and looks double the size of size 10. the labels says: “nature cotton”, soft feather, high class knitting yarn. and the suggested hook to be used is 2.5mm-3.5mm. i lurrve them, ive been wanting a thicker thread. and now they are at hand reach.

blue-yarnthis is called baby yarn. 10% polyamid and 90% acrylic. its says brush yarn and hand wash only.

brush yarnsthis variegated yarn from taiwan (mind you this is the first time i saw personally a variegated yarn!) only says on the lable that its 100% acrylic and wash with special care. this also mentioned “brush yarn”.

half of it came from taiwan while the rest are from germany.  there are bunch of white yarns that says on the label its “superwash”. thats all i can recognize since the other half’s label are written in german language, but those yarn looks a bit thinner from the yarns i have showed here.

i wanted to buy a lot of yarns at least each of its kind, but dont want to buy something i dont have any idea what i will do with it. i even want to buy the superwash but they are all in color white. honestly i really wanted to hoard but, practicality strikes me… im thankful! 


ok ok after 1 week i went back and bought some more yarms… i only bought one of its kind because im not that much into yarns, just wanted to try them. here are the pics, i also included the label for you to see. and guess what? i even took a pic of the shelves full of yarn with my camera fone and once i figure out to transfer it to the pc then it will be here.

(pics are cliackable)


hariri yarnthis yarn can be found easily in this part of the world i think this is from china.

hibiscus yarnhibiscus-label


Swaps and Surprise March 13, 2007

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i wonder why everytime im expecting my puffies in the mail from swaps, no matter when they send it, i will always receive them all at the same time???

i joined the valentine surprise exchange last feb in the gathering threads its a crazy busy group with heavy posting as well. there are a lot of crochet a long and special projects going on maybe thats the reason why very very few are interested in an exchange. so theres only 2 people exchanging in this said exchange. me and my partner, Judy B. i received them last Feb 28

and here are the pics of what she sent me:

val surprise 22 potholders and a knitted and crochet placemat . i love the texture of the potholders and the variegated color of the edgings.

Val surprise 12 skeins of rug yarns and the label also shows a pattern, a flavored tea, charm candy, patterns, a cute crocss stith kit.

and this is my val-surpriseto my partner .  i made for her a heart motif out of thread and the first time i bravely tried to put together those squares with the flat braid method.  she likes keychains thats why im so glad to find that bear holding a heart in the last minute.

coaster exchangei received also my puffy for the coaster exchange in  atmyhouse. my partner sent me 2 flower coaster in white and pink, and surprisingly it matches the doily i received from another partner last november.

unexpectedly, another member from UK, also in that group sent me threads that she won from ebay. i did a private swap with her before and how sweet of her to remember me. she even included a postcard from their place.

threads from judy20grms of size 40 threads