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Swaps and Surprise March 13, 2007

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i wonder why everytime im expecting my puffies in the mail from swaps, no matter when they send it, i will always receive them all at the same time???

i joined the valentine surprise exchange last feb in the gathering threads its a crazy busy group with heavy posting as well. there are a lot of crochet a long and special projects going on maybe thats the reason why very very few are interested in an exchange. so theres only 2 people exchanging in this said exchange. me and my partner, Judy B. i received them last Feb 28

and here are the pics of what she sent me:

val surprise 22 potholders and a knitted and crochet placemat . i love the texture of the potholders and the variegated color of the edgings.

Val surprise 12 skeins of rug yarns and the label also shows a pattern, a flavored tea, charm candy, patterns, a cute crocss stith kit.

and this is my val-surpriseto my partner .  i made for her a heart motif out of thread and the first time i bravely tried to put together those squares with the flat braid method.  she likes keychains thats why im so glad to find that bear holding a heart in the last minute.

coaster exchangei received also my puffy for the coaster exchange in  atmyhouse. my partner sent me 2 flower coaster in white and pink, and surprisingly it matches the doily i received from another partner last november.

unexpectedly, another member from UK, also in that group sent me threads that she won from ebay. i did a private swap with her before and how sweet of her to remember me. she even included a postcard from their place.

threads from judy20grms of size 40 threads


Great Finds! February 3, 2007

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a new craft store— FOUND!

its actually a tailoring shop selling all sorts of ribbons, beads, sewing threads, fabrics and alas! crochet threads and yarns. although i saw a few regular acrylic yarns only.

they only have the 10 grams,  size 8 threads in colored and variegateds.uhmm yummy! they have the red heart brand with colors only of black and white. i cant believe that im standing in front front of this seems to be a big book shelf with all these threads in it in small boxes.

i cant decide on what color to choose…

there i am…choosing.. thinking… thinking… choosing.. thinking again

and finally i told myself “just buy something now and you can come back again” LOLZ!

so i went home with these:

10 grams thread

found that metallic thread there also, its 25 grams only. it says 64% rayon and 34% metallic yarn. i wanted to try it with the black thread.

whats the weird part?

when i reached home and while admiring my newly owned threads … i remember that i need a RED thread.  and i didnt buy any RED thread!!!!

so i need to come back this week! its a MUST! lolz.