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Officially Registered at Ravelry October 9, 2007

Filed under: general — riabeef @ 7:41 am

Actually i got the invitation yesterday and then i register today.

so today is my first day.

 looks like i will not have time to crochet since i got a lot to browse there. lolz. im still busy with a lot of things so cant organize my stuff there yet. i think ill need 2 weeks more and the fact that the camera went on vacation err i mean went vacation with my sis. so i really have to wait…

with ramadan, i find a lot of time to crochet since i work for 6 hrs only. i have done few scarves lately and another try for a shrug with yarn this time. i missed making doily so last night i tried to make one in  pineapple pattern. i thought i was going allright and fast but then after 8 rows it doesnt look right for me, i felt like im nto doing it correctly. i have to frog and frog, count and count (im using chart pattern) at first i have counted less and then now that i think ive got the right counts looks like its too much, it will lay flat but a part will be ruffled because its too much i guess. *sigh*

 will still try to figure it out today otherwise move on to another doily. before ramadan ends.

i think somebody had done that doily before, saw it on someone’s blog. ill try to recall and browse around maybe that could be of help for me.


5 Responses to “Officially Registered at Ravelry”

  1. Gene Says:

    Congratulations on your Ravelry invite! There are still 8000 peeps before me so that would be a long wait for me.

  2. mimi Says:

    I have found a lot of patterns and inspiration on Ravelry…it’s such a wonderful place!

  3. S.A.C. Says:

    Great job, girl! I dunn think my brain can process any other network as of the moment. Lolz!!! Thanks so much for the email! Big hugs and more power as far as your crocheting goes. =)

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