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Mini Fat Bottom Bag October 3, 2007

Filed under: fat bottom bag — riabeef @ 8:53 pm

ahhhh the ever famous fat bottom bag.

since i dont really crochet by instructions but more on charts, i was sooooo happy finding a chart for a fat bottom bag version from a portuguese blog and watch also instructional  videos  from youtube.com also in portuguese. although i dont understand the language the videos help me figure it out. i had used hdc all over and sc for the flap for the ring handles.

and here it is … came out to be a pounch instead of a bag lolz. as you can see  in the pic i put it on top of a DVD case to show how small it is and i have used my (not same color)bangles as handles, it fits perfectly. i used 5mm hook and this yarn , its 100 grams but didnt finish it all so i might have used 75gms only.


i wanted to do another one and of course a bigger one, ill do that once i found a nice yarn or thread and a handle.  


7 Responses to “Mini Fat Bottom Bag”

  1. mimi Says:

    Very resourceful of you…and it turned out really cute!

  2. Jinky Says:

    hi girlfriend…nice bag…been thinking of making that same bag..just don’t know yet where I can get a handle…am not much familiar with crafts store here in Riyadh…NICE WORK!!!

  3. riabeef Says:

    thanks for your comments ate mimi! and thanks for always visiting my blog *hugs*

    jinky – im also trying to find where can i get those handles..ive been thinking about buying those really cheap bags with nice handles and just rip off the handles lolz.

  4. Purlycues Says:

    Hi Ria that is really cute .I love the FBB.Can you please share the link to the video and the instruction .

  5. Gene Says:

    I’ve been wanting to make a bag like this since I saw it in Crochetville. But poor me, can’t find the book in the local bookstore. 😦

  6. Aby Says:

    Hi Ria, your fbb looks really cute.

  7. jacque Says:

    where can i find this pattern,,,, I really to make. Thanks

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