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First Shrug September 13, 2007

Filed under: wearables — riabeef @ 7:09 pm


last month i tried to crochet a shrug since it looks easy. i wanted to corchet  wearables in the future so i thought its the  best project to start at. i just crocheted a rectangle and then folded it in half, single crocheted both sides to fasten it together for the armholes and kept a hole in the middle. unfortunately i ran out of thread so i only put dc’s as edgings in the armholes/sleeves. my shrug looks unfinished but anyway my family members were amazed on my “unfinished” FO. lolz.


3 Responses to “First Shrug”

  1. mimi Says:

    That really looks cute, Ria!
    You can also try other yarn or thread to use for the edging.

  2. Jinky Says:

    it’s lovely…yup mimi is right, you might want to add some edgings…but my this will give me more motivation to do some wearables…been thinking of making a tunic…take care…

  3. Aby Says:

    Nice shrug, it fits great. The one I made had too loose sleeves, I’m planning on making a smaller one next time.

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